Robotics Challenge


The competition is open to students between the ages of 18 to 35. Team members can be located anywhere in the GCC and should be made up of two to four members. All team members must be registered students in a GCC country at the time of entering the competition. 


The Challenges Theme: Olympics

First Category - Round #1: 

Moving different shaped blocks: The robot should be able to place blocks of 3 different shapes in the right hole.

Balls Collector Robot: The robots are going to collect the maximum number of LEGO balls at the Minimum time, the robots should collect one ball by one at a time then move to the mound and put it inside the nest.

Third Category - Round #3: 

Bowling: robot will play bowling, and has to knock down as many objects as possible to win.

Football (Goal): The robot will have to score a goal (a goal keeper will be placed in a random position)

Second Category - Round #2: 

Tug war: A rope would be attached to two robots, each should pull the rope and the first to go beyond the line in the middle losses. If the robot losses any part of it build’s structure, it losses the round.

Robot Racing :  each robot will be placed in a track and follow a line while going through obstacles. 



Judging Criteria:

 Points will be assigned to each round separately according the following criteria:

Timing (10 points)

Completing the round (10 points)

Note: Teams will get partial points depending on the round itself -as defined above- if they partially complete the round, or no point at all if they completely fail.


Guidelines & Timeline

Participants are responsible of providing and bringing the robotic kit to the exhibition hall during the contest.

A time slot will be reserved for all teams to train their robots one day prior to the competition.

The organizing committee will assign judges for selecting the three winning teams. The names of all the winners will be announced during the closing ceremony.


Submission and Registration

Each team has to fill and submit the competition entry form. Entry form submission is now open and closes March 15th, 2017. The accepted/rejected submissions will be notified by e-mail by March 31st, 2017.

Note: Registration and payment information can be found on this link (Registration page)