Best IEEE Student Branch Award


Student branches are crucial to the growth and development of IEEE Student members. The competition is open to any active student branch within GCC region. Judges will evaluate the branch’s activities and plans, and will select top branches for recognition. Participants are expected to demonstrate their ideas through a printed POSTER.



The competition is open to any student branch located within the GCC. The team can be made up of one to four members. All team members must be registered students in a GCC country at the time of entering the competition.  The student branch has to be active during 2016/2017.


 Competition Judging Criteria

The competitions categories will be overseen by a panel composed of members nominated by the conference technical committee. They will visit all the participants in the exhibition and assess them based on the following factors:

  1. PRESENTATION: The quality and clarity of the presentation and how students react to the questions.
  2. POSTER DESIGN: How effective is the poster visually.
  3. EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES: Based on all events organized from May 2016 to May 2017, such as: 

    - Technical events.
    - Soft skills workshops-events.
    - Socializing events, such as gatherings, dinners, fun activities.
    - Field and fun trips.
    - Creative implemented ideas-events.

  1. PAST AND FUTURE DEVELOPMENT PLANS: The past and future development plans to attract new members and to organize activities.


Guidelines & Timeline

An A1 (or A2) poster is required to demonstrate the branch’s activities. Participants are free to use any other supporting materials.

It is the responsibility of students to print and arrange for fixing the posters on the designated stand. Stands, electrical outlet, as well as posting material will be provided for each team.

The organizing committee will assign judges for selecting the three winning posters (winner & two runner-ups). Students are required to be onsite for oral presentation. No show will mean exclusion of the poster from the competition. Oral presentation and questions will be about 10-15 minutes per poster.

The names of all the winners will be announced during the closing ceremony.

Each trams has to provide an evidence for each activity. Evidence can be pictures of the event (can also be snapshots of the website + provide the link of it), the event's article/report (can also mean meeting minutes), attendance sheet and one paper that include the attendees feedback of the event.


Submission and Registration

Each team has to fill and submit the competition entry form. Entry form submission is now open and closes March 15th, 2017. The accepted/rejected submissions will be notified by e-mail by March 31st, 2017.

Note: Registration and payment information can be found on this link (Registration page)